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How to practice golf in comfort of your office

Practice is a process which makes difference between great and good golfers. Golf is a game of addition. The causes could be the excitement or a relentless desire to improve your game. Golf loves are looking for opportunities to play golf in any season of year. Indoor golfing could be the solution in bad weather and in cold days.

Indoor golfing is the best and easy way to boost score without going outside. Golf in garage, in office or at home still works severely. If golf center Is kilometers away from your basement, you can improve your score from home. There are many ways and aids to master your playing skills right without leaving comfort zone. Golf Swing Right Now is one of the best indoor aid you can use in your office or house. It is perfect thing to improve rapidity and accuracy. If you put the little courage in your training, you will see the difference very soon. Your workplace could be the great place for this aid to practice your short game. Training in your office is a wonderful way to relax and reduce official tension.

Apart from this training aid, here in this article I suggest some ways to increase effectiveness and improve some skills by indoor practice.

First of all you need to choose the place in office which will be suitable. You must make sure that your practice won’t annoy your colleagues. It could be hall or next to window, Its specific for every workplace and I suggest you to inform management and other staff members, to get approval.
Also, it is important to determine the drill you are going to do, because every drill needs different space. If you are limited in space, you can use drills which are for short shots. But if your office has large area, you have bigger choice for aids and practice.

For short shots, you can buy a indoor putting green and put it in your private office, if you have one. They are a lot of fun and really improve your accuracy and overall putting skills. Especially if you’re a beginner, the opportunity to practice golf every day is priceless. It is not only fun, but practicing every day also means that you’ll be much better next time you go out on real golf course. If you are new to golf and don’t have golf clubs yet, i know about set of clubs that could work great for you. If you want more information, read this answer to the question : are strata golf clubs any good?

After choosing the spot or area for practice, you need to choose the correct aid for this place. Depending on the area, aids differ from each other, you need to choose the aid which fits in the area. There is much golf training equipment like chipping and driving nets, lounge putting and so on. If you can’t buy indoor equipment, there are some ways to make it by yourself. You can create golf net, by putting 2 chairs side by side, separate from each other. Almost all aids can come in handy. When the position is set, everything Is ready to practice and have fun.

It is very important to determine time when to practice. You must choose practice time very carefully and don’t use work time for golf. It may bring problems for your work. If you choose training time correctly, when you have no work to do, it will be much better. You must be careful and responsible about it and do the drills only after doing work.

If you have co-workers who love golf and have the same desires, you can invite them and do drills together. That would make practice more productive and increase effectiveness. Also, I suggest you to buy plastic practice balls to use in office environment.

Practice putting is one of the best ways to improve your strike skills. Training aids can be installed easily your work place and you can easily increase your strike-rate. With this device you can improve many elements of your game. Device is very good for improving shot accuracy and golf score.

Another and last suggestion in this article is that it would be better if you make practice in your office enjoyable. With courage and fun together, you can make practice more effective. Watch the videos and get some tips from professionals, also watch how pros play and when practice it in your office. If you know the right technique, road to the success will be much more easier. And as I said above use the imagination and creative skills if you can’t get some aids.

How expensive is golf as a hobby

As you know golf is quite an expensive sport, and its necessary to know average finances needed to play golf. This is very important because, some people take golf as hobby, but then they drop it like a bad habitat.
So that’s important to know cost of everything you need to play your favorite sport-training sessions, equipment cost, finances for coach and club fees. If you are beginner, you can find the club which fits in your budget. This article is about everything beginner golf lover needs to play golf.

Here are everything you need to take into consideration when you take golf as a hobby. Its important to know what clubs you should get, aids and equipment you need to improve skills, applications to play better and so on.

Choosing Club is very important process in the start. There are various types of clubs and you should choose it depend on your playing level and on the skill, you want to improve. There are clubs for long shots, short shots, for driving. If you have lower budget buying second-hand clubs is a good idea. If you are a woman, and haven’t got a golf club set yet, i can recommend. Better yet, read this guide about choosing the best golf clubs for ladies.
Golf balls and tees are also very important things for golfer.

Health is one of the most important things for player and unfortunately, some people don’t care about it. Recharge and being relaxed is necessary for golfer. Glucose, chocolate and some energy drinks are very important for you to keep up your strength.

Having sunscreen is also necessary for golfer, because in summer its very hard and danger to play for long hours without protection.

First aid kit is also essential. Bandages, safety pins, plasters and antiseptic cream should be in the kit because you must be ready for everything bad and good.

Using modern technologies while practice is great. There are many applications which help you to master all skills and aspects of the game.

Golf also need special clothing. It is not recommended to wear regular clothes while practicing. Shoes are important element of your golf clothes and you need to buy it carefully.

Golf bag is important to take all necessary thing. Get a gag which has big capacity because there are many equipment you need while playing golf.

Finding right golf course in affordable prices isn’t easy, but there are some city-owned public golf courses where prices are friendly and must fit in your budget. If you want better course and you have enough budget I suggest private golf courses, which are really expensive and price is up to 100$ daily.

Courses of schools and colleges are also very good if you have low budget. You can practice there for lower than 20$.

Price of courses differ by facilities they have. Sometimes you take course in very cheap price but when you start training you will see some hidden costs, for example walking, which is very expensive for some clubs.

Golf is popular sport in Japan, we can find more than 2000 golf courses with great facilities there. If you are planning playing golf in Japan you can find course in cheap price. Tokyo is great city to start practice, there are the most golf clubs in Japan.
Autumn months are perfect for playing golf in Japan. Generally, weather is dry and warm at this time in Japan.
Courses on weekends is crowded and busy, it is better if you practice on weekdays and you will save some money too because on weekdays you only pay half amount of money you would pay on Saturday and Sunday.

Golf is as expensive as you do, everything is up to you. All you need to take into account my suggestions, pro’s advice and enjoy game.

How to practice golf effectively


If you would like to play golf, you must clinic . Many golfers through the years have attempted to go around that reality, but it remains as true now as it had been the day that the game was devised. It is possible to attempt to’buy’ a much better match through new gear, but these profits (if any) will be comparatively modest, and generally temporary too. Become acquainted with these stains at the regional course along with your scores are certain to fall.

So, there may really be no debate about whether you have to practice so as to boost your game. You do. But how should you’re practicing? How can you split your time up, and exactly what do you operate on during every trip to the scope? Those queries are a bit more difficult to answer. You clearly need to find the greatest possible yield from the moment you put on the scope, and therefore you have to get a wise plan that addresses your flaws while keeping your strengths in precisely the exact same moment.

If you are a petite lady, besides all these requirements, there are few other things you have to get right. Most important of these things are golf clubs. Petite women need special clubs to play. Fortunately, there are many awesome womens petite golf club sets that you can choose from.

The unhappy truth is that the majority of amateur golfers squander the vast majority of the time throughout clinic sessions. The normal golfer will devote the great majority of time working on the complete swing, along with a huge proportion of these complete swings will be produced out of the driver. There are different areas of the sport, like the brief game, which will have a much greater influence on your score compared to will the motorist. Ultimately, you ought to be spending some time on things which are likely to be directly represented in your own score card.

When you construct a practice routine that’s a great match for your sport, you are able to replicate that regular over and over again on your own visits to the scope. It’ll help save you time when you’ve got a fantastic routine set up, since you’re going to know just what it is you will do if you appear in the path with the intent of putting in a good practice session. You won’t need to devote time position around thinking about what to do , since you’ll have a very clear strategy in mind.

Along with getting a strategy for every practice session which you finish, you also need to have an overall program in your mind for how often you’re likely to practice. There are a range of variables which are going to be in play , such as your program from the golf course, family devotion, function, and much more. But if you’re able to adhere to a program which attracts you to the path for a minimum occasional exercise, you need to have the ability to maintain your match pointed in the ideal direction.

Each the instruction below relies on a ideal handed golfer. Should you chance to play the sport left handed, then please make certain to undo the instructions as required.

So what portions of the sport do you want to clinic on a normal basis? You don’t ever need to be unprepared for those scenarios you face, therefore working on an entire set of golf abilities is the perfect approach to practice. The listing below contains the points you need to make certain to hit throughout the ordinary practice session.

You have to get an excellent golf swing you could depend on to deliver the chunk at a predictable management time after time. Throughout every practice session, you also need to spend at least a part of your time working on the implementation of your entire swing.

Concerning scoring, no single area of this game has a larger effect than placing. In reality, if your aim with your forthcoming practice sessions would be to improve as soon as possible, it’s the putting green which should receive the majority of your attention and time. Earning more putts is the quickest way to reduce your scores, as functioning on your entire swing is something which will pay off over the future as opposed to the brief term.

If the quickest way to increase your scores would be to improve in your placing functionality, sharpening up your drama from round the greens is next on this list. A fantastic chip can quickly compensate for a bad approach shot and might permit you to walk with your own degree. Dedicate yourself to learning how to pitch and chip the ball regularly and your scores will move in the ideal direction almost instantly.

Another area of the sport that’s often overlooked is that the’made’ shots which frequently have to be played to be able to go around the program. A’made’ shooter is one which is hit with a swing that’s been modified so as to generate a particular ball flight. For example, hit shots, large draws and fades, and much more could be put into this class. As opposed to spending all your time on the range hitting inventory shots along with your regular full swing, then set aside at least a couple balls to strike various other sorts of shots which can come in handy over the program. By analyzing your ability to think of unique shot contours, you’ll have more choices available over the path when you end up in a challenging spot.

As well as working on the mechanisms which are needed to hit many shots, you also need to be practicing the pre-shot routine you’re likely to use throughout your rounds. A fantastic pre-shot pattern is vital, however this is something which is overlooked by the vast majority of players. After this component of your sport gets ingrained in your customs, it’ll be easy to take it with you everywhere you chance to playwith.

If you can be able to match all five of those points above into every one of your practice sessions, then you’ll be on the ideal path toward a much better match. Realistically, you might not have the ability to fit every one of these regions to all your practice sessions because of facilities or time limitations. However, do everything you can to work on all them as frequently as you can, and also make a conscious attempt to touch on all areas of the game if you have the chance to practice.

How to create safe golf learning experience on the golf course

Most things indicate that golf, as a sport, is living dead. You will hear as much from golfers themselves, so there’s no reason to doubt that golf is dying. But is that really the truth? There are many golf stereotypes that sometimes fool even golfers themselves and become self-fulfilling prophecies, is there a chance that this is one? That’s what i was asking myself when i decided to write this post. I want to find truth in golf myths. Another major stereotype about golf is that it is only for rich white dudes. I’m mentioning that stereotype because it’s falsehood is directly related to stereotype that golf is decreasing in popularity. Spoiler alert – neither one of them are true. The reason for why these two stereotypes are connected is that the reason for golf not dying is the fact that rich white dudes aren’t the only ones playing it. The number of white males who play golf may be decreasing, but picture is evidently different when it comes to women. More and more women are starting to play golf every year, and the rise of golf’s popularity among women doesn’t seem to be stopping. Most of the players are young, too – seems to me that parents have realized that golf isn’t supposed to be played by only guys, but both genders. So they encourage their daughters to play golf, as much as they used to encourage boys. Which is a positive improvement, obviously.

Golf club brands are waking up to this revelation as well. There were only handful options for women looking to buy golf clubs back in the nineties, but now, market is flooded with excellent clubs sold by trusted brands like Callaway and TaylorMade. My favorite set of clubs so far, has been Kalea by taylormade. It’s a perfect women’s golf club set, no matter from which angle you look at it.

What’s the best part of this whole phenomenon though, is how involved girls are in golf events and championships. Female athletes have turned into celebrities of sorts, with both girls and boys lining up to join their fanbases. That really gives me hope that golf is becoming relevant again. It’s not unusual to see children of all genders on golf course, with cute kids’ golf clubs and wearing adorable golf clothes and shoes. That really warms my heart. Their shots are impeccable too – the distance that some of these girls are able to hit is impressive for their age. Overall, getting girls interested in golf has really been major factor in rejuvenating average golfer. We should also give golf courses credit where it’s due – they have done excellent job of making golf courses female-friendly. It’s extremely important for girls to feel welcome and not be harassed, of course. You might think that what i’m saying is obvious, but i’ve seen far too many instances of old white guys telling jokes about how women are incapable of playing golf and etc. Of course they don’t tell it to little girls, that would be strange, but still, it’s something worth keeping in mind.

The way girls learn is no different from boys, but you have to make sure that they have same and non-toxic environment to practice in. Competitiveness can sometimes get better of people, especially children, which results in some toxic behavior like bullying and making fun of each other. Not only girls, but people of all age need safe environment for learning. It’s hard enough to try something new, you don’t need someone making fun of you in the process. That has put off many young girls and boys from learning golf. So if you’re parent, there is lesson in this for you as well. Be patient with your kids, even if he or she doesn’t get it at first, don’t act annoyed or bored. If you’re really comitted to teaching them how to golf, make sure to do it properly, and if you can tell that you’re incapable of doing it the right way, you can always find them a teacher. Classes aren’t that expensive and few hours of training can really do wonders for a child. On the other hand, it’s important to remember that classes can only do so much. Most important part of learning any new sport or skill is to go out and actually do it. Trial and error are the best teachers for golf.

It’s also perfectly fine if you don’t care about your children’s skills and just prefer to let them have a good time. That’s great approach as well. Most golfers aren’t professionals and just play golf casually anyway, so it’s totally normal to not want to obsess over getting better at golf. That’s even better argument for being patient with your kids. Playing golf is beneficial in many other ways as well. For instance, walking on the golf course is considered to be one of the best cardio exercises. You enjoy nature and stay fit at the same time, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Some organizations take children friendliness to whole another level. There are facilities for these kids to play and practice together, instead of being introduced to golf with adults, who can be intimidating. I think that’s a great approach to take.

So, to sum it all up – the stereotype that golf is dying, and only consists of male players, is outdated. In fact, number of young girls who play golf and take part in various tournaments is increasing every year. So i’d say picture is quite different and frankly, opposite : golf is young and has bright future ahead, with both genders who are represented equally.

How to find soulmate who likes to golf as much as you

Sorry i haven’t been active for the past few months, i couldn’t find any free time to write. So let’s get to the point.

My wife is literally golf fanatic. I’ve been playing this sport since childhood and she still manages to surprise me by her knowledge and experience of playing golf. And seeing my wife on golf course, to which she goes very often, i’ve had a lot of dudes ask me how i managed to find someone like her. I tell everyone the same – i found golfer woman without even specifically looking for her. Golfer or not golfer, the most important part is that you have to get along with your partner. So i was looking for someone who would tolerate my character, and ended up with her.

I thinking looking specifically for golfer women is very energy consuming and inefficient. It’s very difficult to find someone you get along with, yet some people demand too much, and never get to find someone. And when you do find your soulmate, you have whole load of work ahead of you. You have to be nice but not clingy, decisive but not arrogant, and so much more. I guess my point is that finding someone is hard as it is, you shouldn’t make your job even harder by nitpicking what girl’s hobbies or interests are. And you never know, she might not be interested in golf at first, but once you introduce her to it, she might grow into liking it.

But i have to warn you, it’s the dangerous road. Once your wife or girlfriend gets into golf, there’s no coming back (i’m half joking). She’ll expect the best women’s clubs  as birthday gifts, and cute golf bags and other accessories for other holidays, which aren’t cheap. But you can save money by doing a little research, and i would advise everyone to do so. But i think advantages definitely outweigh the negatives like cost. Plus, if you buy really good golf club set, it’s going to last your for few years, so it’s not that bad of an investment for the best entertainment possible, which is playing golf. People pay way more than that to sit around at home watching other people do stuff.

I also have a friend who is very keen of his alone time, and getting away from his family for a while, so having his girlfriend on golf course doesn’t work for him as well as for me. So i guess it depends on you. If you’re kind of person who likes to separate work from fun and home family time, you would not want to find a women interested in golf at all. So everyone is different, and take all my advice with grain of salt, as i’m doing this just for fun and i don’t base my articles on any scientific research.

How to choose the best irons for beginners?

Some beginner golfers often struggle when trying to choose golf gear for themselves, especially golf clubs. There are huge variety of different kinds of golf clubs out there, and it’s really hard to choose one, even if you read beginners golf club reviews and customer reviews. That is, because different people like different brands of golf clubs, use different types of clubs, and have different handicaps. Some also use stiff shafts, while others use flexible. The key to choosing the best golf irons for beginners, or just choosing any golf club as a beginner, is to evaluate and determine the features you need  the most, and also the ones you don’t. That makes choosing the best beginners irons a lot easier and clearer.

It is even better if your friend or someone else gives you a set of golf irons, because then you don’t even have to spend a dime. But obviously, the set should be playable, and not old piece of garbage. If you have friends who frequently golf, ask around and you’ll definitely come up with golf iron set that will be perfect for you. In the world of golf, brands are very important, and make sure the club set you receive is of one of these brands – Callaway, Wilson, Adams, TaylorMade, Nike, Mizuno or Cobra. These are the leading golf iron makers, and the only ones making top notch quality irons right now. As you might tell from the name, Mizuno is japan based golf company, but they are still my favorite.

As a beginner, you might also want to look into game improvement irons. Long story short, these irons are supposed to improve your results and golfing performance, but i don’t think they’re effective at all. To improve your golf performance, all you need to do is take a few golf classes and practice occasionally with your buddies. You won’t be great at first, but remember, even Tiger Woods had start to from scratch, and sometimes he still misses his shots. Don’t worry about having the most expensive golf clubs on the market, because you don’t need them. The only people who pay thousands for golf irons are super rich who want to show off their status. Stick with borrowed golf clubs at first, or buy used iron set from eBay or CallawayPreowned and upgrade from there. When you’re a little better, look at best rated irons for beginners, i suggest Mizuno Jpx EZ. The iron set is not cheap, but definitely worth the price. And if you’ll be using it for years, it doesn’t even seem like that big of an investment.

I’m suggesting to get iron set first, because irons are most used golf clubs in your bag. So if you want to become better at golf, you need to learn to hit irons first. And after you’re done perfecting hitting your irons, you can always get driver and other golf clubs to fulfill the set.