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Month: March 2020

How to practice golf in comfort of your office

Practice is a process which makes difference between great and good golfers. Golf is a game of addition. The causes could be the excitement or a relentless desire to improve your game. Golf loves are looking for opportunities to play golf in any season of year. Indoor golfing could be the solution in bad weather and in cold days.

Indoor golfing is the best and easy way to boost score without going outside. Golf in garage, in office or at home still works severely. If golf center Is kilometers away from your basement, you can improve your score from home. There are many ways and aids to master your playing skills right without leaving comfort zone. Golf Swing Right Now is one of the best indoor aid you can use in your office or house. It is perfect thing to improve rapidity and accuracy. If you put the little courage in your training, you will see the difference very soon. Your workplace could be the great place for this aid to practice your short game. Training in your office is a wonderful way to relax and reduce official tension.

Apart from this training aid, here in this article I suggest some ways to increase effectiveness and improve some skills by indoor practice.

First of all you need to choose the place in office which will be suitable. You must make sure that your practice won’t annoy your colleagues. It could be hall or next to window, Its specific for every workplace and I suggest you to inform management and other staff members, to get approval.
Also, it is important to determine the drill you are going to do, because every drill needs different space. If you are limited in space, you can use drills which are for short shots. But if your office has large area, you have bigger choice for aids and practice.

For short shots, you can buy a indoor putting green and put it in your private office, if you have one. They are a lot of fun and really improve your accuracy and overall putting skills. Especially if you’re a beginner, the opportunity to practice golf every day is priceless. It is not only fun, but practicing every day also means that you’ll be much better next time you go out on real golf course. If you are new to golf and don’t have golf clubs yet, i know about set of clubs that could work great for you. If you want more information, read this answer to the question : are strata golf clubs any good?

After choosing the spot or area for practice, you need to choose the correct aid for this place. Depending on the area, aids differ from each other, you need to choose the aid which fits in the area. There is much golf training equipment like chipping and driving nets, lounge putting and so on. If you can’t buy indoor equipment, there are some ways to make it by yourself. You can create golf net, by putting 2 chairs side by side, separate from each other. Almost all aids can come in handy. When the position is set, everything Is ready to practice and have fun.

It is very important to determine time when to practice. You must choose practice time very carefully and don’t use work time for golf. It may bring problems for your work. If you choose training time correctly, when you have no work to do, it will be much better. You must be careful and responsible about it and do the drills only after doing work.

If you have co-workers who love golf and have the same desires, you can invite them and do drills together. That would make practice more productive and increase effectiveness. Also, I suggest you to buy plastic practice balls to use in office environment.

Practice putting is one of the best ways to improve your strike skills. Training aids can be installed easily your work place and you can easily increase your strike-rate. With this device you can improve many elements of your game. Device is very good for improving shot accuracy and golf score.

Another and last suggestion in this article is that it would be better if you make practice in your office enjoyable. With courage and fun together, you can make practice more effective. Watch the videos and get some tips from professionals, also watch how pros play and when practice it in your office. If you know the right technique, road to the success will be much more easier. And as I said above use the imagination and creative skills if you can’t get some aids.

How expensive is golf as a hobby

As you know golf is quite an expensive sport, and its necessary to know average finances needed to play golf. This is very important because, some people take golf as hobby, but then they drop it like a bad habitat.
So that’s important to know cost of everything you need to play your favorite sport-training sessions, equipment cost, finances for coach and club fees. If you are beginner, you can find the club which fits in your budget. This article is about everything beginner golf lover needs to play golf.

Here are everything you need to take into consideration when you take golf as a hobby. Its important to know what clubs you should get, aids and equipment you need to improve skills, applications to play better and so on.

Choosing Club is very important process in the start. There are various types of clubs and you should choose it depend on your playing level and on the skill, you want to improve. There are clubs for long shots, short shots, for driving. If you have lower budget buying second-hand clubs is a good idea. If you are a woman, and haven’t got a golf club set yet, i can recommend. Better yet, read this guide about choosing the best golf clubs for ladies.
Golf balls and tees are also very important things for golfer.

Health is one of the most important things for player and unfortunately, some people don’t care about it. Recharge and being relaxed is necessary for golfer. Glucose, chocolate and some energy drinks are very important for you to keep up your strength.

Having sunscreen is also necessary for golfer, because in summer its very hard and danger to play for long hours without protection.

First aid kit is also essential. Bandages, safety pins, plasters and antiseptic cream should be in the kit because you must be ready for everything bad and good.

Using modern technologies while practice is great. There are many applications which help you to master all skills and aspects of the game.

Golf also need special clothing. It is not recommended to wear regular clothes while practicing. Shoes are important element of your golf clothes and you need to buy it carefully.

Golf bag is important to take all necessary thing. Get a gag which has big capacity because there are many equipment you need while playing golf.

Finding right golf course in affordable prices isn’t easy, but there are some city-owned public golf courses where prices are friendly and must fit in your budget. If you want better course and you have enough budget I suggest private golf courses, which are really expensive and price is up to 100$ daily.

Courses of schools and colleges are also very good if you have low budget. You can practice there for lower than 20$.

Price of courses differ by facilities they have. Sometimes you take course in very cheap price but when you start training you will see some hidden costs, for example walking, which is very expensive for some clubs.

Golf is popular sport in Japan, we can find more than 2000 golf courses with great facilities there. If you are planning playing golf in Japan you can find course in cheap price. Tokyo is great city to start practice, there are the most golf clubs in Japan.
Autumn months are perfect for playing golf in Japan. Generally, weather is dry and warm at this time in Japan.
Courses on weekends is crowded and busy, it is better if you practice on weekdays and you will save some money too because on weekdays you only pay half amount of money you would pay on Saturday and Sunday.

Golf is as expensive as you do, everything is up to you. All you need to take into account my suggestions, pro’s advice and enjoy game.