When you’re just getting started, playing golf can be pretty intimidating. There’s myriad of rules and tips that you need to remember, but i believe you can do it by learning one thing at a time. The most basic and important thing, in my opinion, is to learn about different types of clubs and when each one is supposed to be used. Mastering how to take position and swing a golf club is also crucially important. Most mistakes that beginners make, like making a slice, is due to the mistakes made when swinging the club. Now, i believe the best method to learn these basics is through combination of training and experience. The latter alone won’t help you, because you may be practicing and trying out new clubs in action, but it may all be misdirected so because of that, all your efforts might go to waste. Lessons alone aren’t enough, because as we are all well aware of, people learn everything through experience, including golf. Some people might be scared off by hourly costs of golf lessons, but there’s nothing to fear. You only need few hours of golf lessons, and whatever they may cost, i guarantee that money spent on golf lessons will be worth every penny.

While beginners might find few golf lessons extremely useful, i believe that after some point, usually after you’ve mastered the basics of golf, there’s not much value in taking classes anymore. The only good way to go from beginner to intermediate and even pro golfer is to actually play the game and spend a lot of time on the course. Once you become intermediate golfer though, it’s likely that you would’ve outgrown your old set of clubs, so it’s likely that you’ll need new one. Let’s save  that for later though, but if you’re interested in finding golf clubs as an intermediate golfer, this guide might be helpful.

As a beginner, you’ll need starter set of clubs. Usually by that i mean affordable set of clubs sold by Callaway and Wilson. They cost around two to three hundred dollars and quality is always good, even though clubs themselves might not be fancy or even very effective. They’ll be enough to help you figure out the interplay between golf clubs, golf course and the game itself. That’s all you’ll need at first, but as you develop your skills, it is likely that you’ll quickly outgrow them. That’s why my first advice is always to beginners is to spend as little on their first set of clubs as they can. There are some clubs, like Callaway Strata Ultimate set, that can be good for beginners and intermediate golfers alike, so if you don’t want to replace your set for a while, that might be one solution available. If you become pro though, you’ll have to replace them anyway. Beginners’ golf clubs are often designed to be game improvement, so they lack in other qualities. Those flaws are not noticeable when you’re a beginner, but once you get much better, you’ll start to notice them. Professional golfers need golf clubs that are vastly different from those needed by newbies.

If you’re worried that replacing your golf clubs too frequently will deplete your savings, then there are few things you can do. For once, you can wait for holidays like Prime Day or Black Friday and try to get golf clubs at discounted prices. One other way, which is the most popular among budget-conscious golfers, is to buy used clubs. Taking this route is kind of risky, because there are a lot of scammers out there who try to sell knockoff golf clubs to gullible golfers. I would recommend buying from GlobalGolf and eBay, as they are a bit more safe than other marketplaces like craigslist. Still, you should be very careful when looking at used golf clubs.