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What are hybrid golf clubs?

Everyone, beginners and experts alike, has some kind of problem with their swing. For beginners, those problems are rather large and caused by their lack of experience. For experts, those problems are minor. No one has perfect swing and everyone struggles to get better at it. That’s why, in 2002, when Hybrids were first introduced, they were instant hit. TaylorMade promised that their hybrids would be easier to hit, more forgiving and game improving. The best part of it all, is that they delivered on that promise. That’s why hybrids have been getting increasingly popular these last few years. Long irons, which require much more practicing to be hit properly, have mostly been displaced by hybrids. Sure, some professionals still use long irons because of their advantages in certain areas, but they also carry at least one hybrid in their bag thanks to hybrid clubs’ versatility on the golf course. Long irons may be more handy if you know how to hit them well and the surface is on your side, but in unpredictable game of golf, that’s rarely the case. More often than not, golfers don’t know how to swing long irons properly and golf balls land on the roughs. That’s exactly where hybrids shine and because of that, i think we can all agree that they deserve the popularity they have.

What’s the difference between hybrids, fairway woods and irons?

The name hybrid probably gives answer to this question away. Hybrids are strange (in good way) mix of fairway woods and irons. They have the best features of both, while avoiding worst qualities of those types of clubs successfully. In terms of looks, most hybrids are like long irons, which indicates that they are replacement for the clubs that they look like. One major difference between hybrids and these irons is the size of clubhead. Hybrids’ club heads are much larger and denser than those of irons. Because of this, designers of hybrids are able to tweak the design of club heads and move the weight around to create convenient center of gravity, so that the hybrids will be capable of launching higher and longer shots. Clubface itself is not round like that of 3-wood. Lofts of hybrids generally vary between 16 and 28 degrees, but you can find specimen that have lower loft setting than that. When comparing lofts, you should keep in mind that loft numbers of irons and hybrids should not be treated as same. A ball hit by the hybrid of certain loft will launch much higher and cover more distance than the ball hit by iron of the same loft.  Not all of them are similar to long irons, there are hybrids that can replace fairway woods as well. Hybrids can be used from many different spots on the course, and many people surprisingly choose to use them to hit balls from fairway or, thanks to its useful design, even from fairway bunker. Because of this useful nature of hybrid clubs, some people call them utility clubs, which is fitting.

One way in which irons and hybrids don’t differ is the conventional design by manufacturers. Some hybrids are made for lefties as well, so if that’s your peculiarity, you can rest assured that you can find solid hybrid clubs to play with.

Why businessmen choose to play golf

There are many stereotypes about golf, most of which are false. Even worse for golfers is the fact that most of these stereotypes portray them as elitist and ignorant. People also like to think that golf is boring. Needless to say, those people have never played golf themselves. I think that’s the main reason for most of ignorance in this world – being out of touch with thing you’re ignorant about. Other silly stereotype is that golfers are all elitists who spend thousands of dollars on golf clubs just to show off. But in reality, it’s not just for showing off. Some of those clubs are genuinely capable of improving your game. This article explores the ins and outs of getting good irons for yourself. That stereotype probably has some ground – there are many wealthy people who prefer golf over any other sport. There are also many businesspeople who make deals on golf course. But even those guys aren’t as evil as one might imagine them to be. Of course, there are some crooks among them, but it’s only natural to have few bad apples. In general, most of the people i’ve met on golf course are kindest and most reasonable types. That’s why i wanted to write this post today – to dispel these stereotypes and bring clarity to this controversial subject.

 There must be a reason for why businessmen seem to enjoy golf so much, though. Golf is the go-to sport in corporate environment. Bosses play it with their employees to bond, and employees themselves use it to make connections and sell things. I’ve read somewhere that most golfing costs, including golf clubs and tee time, are paid by companies. That makes sense because golf course environment and the game itself allows for verbal exchange, while at the same time keeping things casual and people relaxed. The same can’t be said of other sports like football, or soccer as Americans call it. In those sports, you are on the lookout all the time. Game never stops, so you never have any time to take a breath and do anything else. The best thing about golf though, is that it can be played by people of any age. On most days, if you visit golf course, you’ll find all demographics there – some golfers are as young as six years old, playing golf with their parents, while others are seniors who are enjoying their life into the retirement. Tennis, or football, or most of the other sports for that matter, are too physically demanding for seniors or anyone who is not young adult to play. Golf is fun to play, because there rarely are winners and losers. With it’s handicap system, even beginner golfers are able to compete with experienced ones and sometimes even win. But winning isn’t regarded very highly, golfers i’ve met over the course of my lifetime are more interested in the process of playing itself. There are championships of course, which are more competitive. What makes golf not so great, in my opinion, are those people who insult themselves and their clients by losing to them on purpose. I’ve had this happen to me once, and it definitely didn’t encourage me to do business with a person. So if you’ve done it, or are doing such practice, i’d advise to cut it off. One more thing i love about golf is that it’s a smart game. You have to make decisions on the spot, and call me crazy, but i think that takes a lot of analytical power. So playing golf is practice for your mind, in a way. That might sound outlandish at first, but if you consider the idea, it’s not too far fetched.

 There’s one more thing that this game is useful for. It’s to find out real character of a man or woman you’re playing against. That is especially important for business people. Sometimes deals can be made or broken depending on the character of the men involved. No one wants a partner who is irresponsible or never acknowledges mistakes. Being good at golf also equates to remaining calm in the face of challenge and solving your problem analytically. That correlates very closely with the skills you need to have in order to make it in business.  

Another virtue of golf is that it’s oriented around honesty. The game can be easily won by moving your golf ball when no one’s looking, but that’s utterly despicable to most golfers. If you are caught genuinely doing this, your reputation will be tarnished and good luck finding decent partners to play golf again. Celebrity golfers know this, and that’s why they are especially hard on themselves. Whenever they move the golf ball on accident, they’ll never take advantage of the accident, even if it might cost them tons of money.

I don’t know whether it is correlation or causation, but some of the best business partners i’ve had in my life have been golfers. I didn’t meet all of them on golf course, but our friendships were certainly hardened by sharing the passion for the sport. It is also a fact that most successful businessmen do occasionally play golf. I guess that’s why the sport is stereotyped as dull and soulless, but from my perspective, it’s just different, that’s all. Golf is more analytical and mind-oriented sport compared to most, and it’s exactly why i love it so much.

 I hope i made some sense and shed some lights on why businessmen enjoy playing golf so much. If you have similar experiences regarding building relationships on golf course, don’t hesitate to let us know in comments.

Which are Best Golf Club Sets for Beginner Players?

Choosing best golf clubs as a beginner is usually not an easy task.

These days, market is so overcrowded with lots of different offers and sellers, so it’s hard to pick the product that will work best for you. Which is why i decided to make this guide, so i can clarify few things about buying best golf clubs for beginners. First of all, you need to keep in mind that there is no perfect golf club set that is best for everyone, but there are some options which will fit your needs, if you have clearly understood them.

For example, if you have limited budget, you should be looking for used or discounted beginners golf clubs to get the best deal for the money. But i will discuss budget issue in details later in this article. If you are focused on getting top notch, high quality beginners golf clubs and less worried about money, there are certain golf club sets you want to check out and some others that you should avoid. Later in this article, i’ll be discussing process of choosing golf clubs as a newbie men, But if you’re in hurry, this article below has detailed information about best golf clubs for beginners : tutorial

Also, if you’ve never played golf before, most beginners golf club reviews recommend first getting to know basics of golf. For instance, find out difference between woods, irons and hybrids. And which clubs to hit depending on situation. That article about men beginners golf clubs also covers such basics and other frequently asked questions.

So before going out shopping for best beginners golf club set, you need to understand your requirements first. For example, you should decide how often are you going to use your golfing set. For occasional golfers, who play golf only on summer season few times a week, most  affordable golf club sets are perfect, but if you are really passionate about golfing, i’d recommend spending a little more and getting serious golf club set or buy your favorite individual golf clubs and make your own set. Club set of average male beginner golfer usually consists of around 10 golf clubs, so buying individual golf clubs might be  a little pricey. With golf club sets, manufacturers usually sell several golf clubs at the same time, so, for each club in the set, you pay less than that particular golf club’s individual listing.

Beginners golf club sets also come with golf bags and beginners golf club head covers, which also add value to them. Golf bags and head covers usually cost dozens of dollars, so getting nice beginners golf club set will also save you money on those accessories.

Best Affordable Golf Clubs for Beginners

Another way to get expensive, high quality golf clubs for cheap  price is to buy used ones. Mostly, golf clubs last for several years, so if beginners golf clubs are used, it doesn’t mean they aren’t worth buying. Even experienced golfers who want high quality products but are limited in budget usually tend to buy used golf clubs.

It’s also important to analyze your swing. Because it’s important to get golf clubs that fit your needs. For example, iron shafts made of steel and iron are heavier than the ones made of graphite, so steel irons require more than graphite ones to get distance.

To sum up, choosing best golf clubs for beginners is easy if you follow these few easy rules. First of all, stick with famous, trustworthy brands like Callaway, Adams and Wilson. But before buying anything even from these companies, think twice and check its online ratings and beginners golf club reviews by customers. Anything that has less than four stars out of five is not worth buying. And always remember that cheap beginners golf clubs are usually the ones that cost more in the end. They don’t last, so you have to replace them and pay for the same product over and over again. Instead, it’s  better to get best golf clubs for beginner once, and use them for several seasons. If you can’t afford those, you can always buy used high quality golf clubs which don’t cost as much and usually last at least several seasons.